The following is an excerpt from the Rulebook on Conditions, Manners of Using and Protection of Library Materials of Belgrade City Library.

  • Library services are available to Library members only.

  • With the exception that they do not have any previously borrowed materials, with a membership card, users may borrow library materials from all departments and libraries within the Belgrade City Library, Network.

  • A member may borrow up to three books and keep them for a period of 20 days.

  • A user has the right to extend the return date of a book, either in person or by phone.

  • If a user of the library’s services is looking for materials which are currently not available, the user may book them in advance.

  • A book which has not been returned on time shall be subject to a fine determined by each day it is late.

  • If a member loses his or her membership card, he or she must report this loss to the Library, which will issue a copy of the card, subject to the payment of an appropriate fee.

  • While using borrowed library materials, library members shall take care of them and return them in the same condition as they were when they originally received. A member shall replace damaged or lost library materials with the same ones, or pay for the lost or damaged materials of the amount of up to three times as much as their original value.

  • Referential literature and periodicals may not be used outside of the Library’s premises.