The Belgrade City Library is the largest lending library in Serbia. It includes 13 municipal libraries from the territory of the City of Belgrade. Its holdings consist of almost 2,000,000 items kept in 74 facilities with a total area of 13,000 square meters.

The Library consists of the following departments and offices:

  • The Department for the Analysis
    and Supply of Holdings
    and Placement of Books

  • The Department for Processing
    and Bibliographic Research

  • Department for Work with Users

  • American Corner
  • The Department for the Development
    of Library Activities

  • The Department for Old and Rare Books and Books on Belgrade – Local History Department

  • Children’s Departments
    “Čika Jova Zmaj” and “Neven”

  • Arts Department

  • Periodicals Department

  • Marketing Department

  • Department for Cultural
    and Informative Activities

  • Publishing

  • Book-Binding

  • The Office for Legal, Human Resources
    and General Affairs