The lending section of the library, which includes the lending and return desk, is attended to by 12 librarians and assistant librarians who provide their expertise and assistance.

Book lending:

  • the Belgrade City Library is a lending library, which means that the greater part of the library’s holdings may be borrowed and taken out of the Library

  • up to 3 books may be borrowed for a period of up to 20 days

  • the deadline for returning books may be extended by phone, by calling:

  • If the Library does not have the desired publication, and you have no previously borrowed books, you may borrow it from any library within the BCL network.

  • membership cards are valid for all public municipal libraries

  • assistance in searching through the library’s holdings

  • recommendations for reading

How to obtain a publication?

  • The electronic and card catalogues contain the call number of the publication desired. You may find this number by yourself or ask a librarian for assistance.

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