Knez Mihailova 56/I floor
11 000 Belgrade
contact: Aleksandra Vićentijević
Phone: 011/2024-024
Fax: 011/2024-044

The Department performs a wide range of activities, three of which should be mentioned separately:

  1. projecting the Library’s development policy;
  2. public relations; and
  3. increasing the popularity of the Library through program activities intended for the public.

In projecting the library’s DEVELOPMENT POLICY, the Department is guided by modernization and standardization principles that assist the Belgrade City Library to attain high standards of major public libraries of Europe.

PUBLIC RELATIONS are based on maintaining connections and constant cooperation with all types of media organizations. The aim of this cooperation is to publicize all developments in the Library.

PROGRAM ACTIVITIES organized by the Department are numerous, as one of its sectors is in charge of creating cultural policy. These may be divided into permanent programs and individual projects. Permanent programs consist of cultural gatherings, lectures, press conferences, book presentations, forums, concerts, theatrical/film programs, book exhibitions, and so on... These events are held in the Roman Hall, the Atrium gallery in the Library’s Hall, Vuk’s Hall, the reading-room of the Arts Department, and the Belgrade Reading-Room (Beogradsko citaliste) on Zmaj Jovina Street. The rich cultural program of the Library includes prominent authors and intellectuals from all areas of culture. The Library has hosted nearly all the renowned names of Serbian culture. Also, major publishing companies, as well as the head offices of a multitude of renowned literary magazines, present their new editions on the premises of Belgrade City Library. Thus, this institution acts as a nucleus of cultural life in Belgrade.

The Department also participated in numerous individual projects, but the following four of them should be duly mentioned: A Library on the Beach and A Streetcar Named “Book”, A Cultural Fortress, and We Are in the Library.

Finally, the department’s unceasing work on designing and creating promo-materials and a range of related activities from the area of advertising must also be noted.