Knez Mihailova 56
11 000 Belgrade
contact: Branka Dragosavac
phone.: 011/2024-012

BOOK STORAGE houses more than 500,000 books (350,000 titles) and functions as the base for meeting users’ needs of this Department. A treasury of knowledge that contains publications from all areas of human endeavor, popular science, domestic and foreign literature, educational literature, and translated literature, as well as books in foreign languages, are organized according to the numerus currens classification, where you may find the most recent and current titles of the collection, as well as classical works of world literature, science and art.

THE LENDING SECTION of the library, which includes the lending and return desk, is attended by to 12 librarians and assistant librarians who provide their expertise and assistance.

Free Access to Books contains current titles from the most recent of literary publications, as well as books from all areas of human knowledge, science and popular literature. Feel free to help yourself to the books on the shelves, have a look through them, flip through them and assess what you would like to borrow from the library. You may ask our librarians at any time, should you need assistance, recommendation or information on the UDC arrangement of the books on the shelves.

THE CARD CATALOGUE – The Library has card catalogues which contain information on the following library holdings up to 1989:

  • Author
  • Reference
  • The Library’s catalogue of books
    in foreign languages.

Allows for fast and complete searching and reviewing as well as browsing, and provides all other information about the holdings of the Belgrade City Library. This catalogue is also available online. Thus, you may find the information you need or answers to questions from home as well.

The General and Referential Literature Reading-Room offers users 40 reading-room seats equipped to use of lap-top computers and other portable electronic equipment. Its traditional academic atmosphere for individual work makes a stay in the General and Referential Literature Reading-room very pleasant. The option to use one’s own books, or copy or scan parts of library holdings, attracts a large number of students. Therein, usually all seats are occupied on the Library’s ground floor, which has 10,000 referential publications, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, manuals, and the like.

The Electronic Reading-Room is the first of its kind in the region and is equipped with up to date electronic equipment. It offers the use of PC computers at 6 networked work stations, which allow members and citizens to check e-mail, use Internet services, print, scan, photocopy, and so on.