Studentski trg 19
11 000 Belgrade
Contact: Milanka Babić - Vukadinov
Phone/fax: 011/2620-953
Working Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Library Holdings:
1,150 newspaper and magazine titles
290 newspaper titles
860 magazine titles
27,000 volumes of bound periodicals

Area: 270м²

Science Reading-Room: 18 seats
Daily Newspaper Reading Room: 8 seats

The Belgrade City Library Periodical Department collects, keeps, studies and allows for the use of the serial publication holdings. These holdings contain 860 magazine and 290 newspaper titles, bound in 27,000 volumes from all areas of human endeavor, which makes them especially valuable and unique.

One fifth of the holdings comprise titles from the 19th century: Новине сербске изъ царствующега града Виенне (The Serbian News from the Imperial City of Vienna), Danica Ilirska (The Illyrian Star), Slavjanski rodoljub (The Slavic Patriot), Glasnik Srbskog ucenog drustva (The Voice of the Educated Serbian Community), Javor, Dubrovnik, Stražilovo.

The holdings also contain important titles from the 20th century: Politika, Vreme, Borba, Bazar, Gradac, Krfski zabavnik, Srpski knjizevni glasnik, Delo, Treci program Radio Beograda, as well as a great deal of periodical publications: The Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia, The Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro, The Official Gazette of Belgrade, etc…

The holdings encompass the most prominent titles of serial publications from the territory of former Yugoslavia up to 1991, such as: Zivot, Izraz, Zadarska revija, Kvorum, etc...

After this period, due to the breakup of the former republics, the Department mainly opted to purchase titles published in Serbia.

The full review of the holdings of our Periodicals may be obtained from the following catalogues:

  • The Title Catalogue
  • The Analytical Catalogue
  • The Chronological Catalogue
  • The Topographic Catalogue


The holdings of the Periodical department may be used only in the science reading-room and daily newspaper reading-room.

Newspapers may not be copied.

Magazines published after 1970 may be copied if it is assessed that this will not damage them.

You may have up to 10 volumes of newspapers or magazines for use a day. In order to use the Periodical holdings, you must be a member of the Library or a temporary member of the department. The membership period lasts for one week, and the membership fee is 150 dinars.

The Science Reading-Room of the Periodical Department may also be used by students, for the sole purpose of studying.